We don’t like to convert Sabarimala as a tourism spot like Thailand; Dewasom board Chief

by Kerala | 14-10-2017 | 269 views

 “If women are allowed in Sabarimala shrine, it will become a spot for Thailand tourism.” Says the head of Kerala temple’s board.  The comment made by Travancore Dewasom Board (TDB) president Prayar Gopalakrishnan is now drawing flak from people.

“If women are allowed, we cant ensure their security. We don’t like to convert it as a  tourism spot like Thailand. Even if the court opens its doors I don’t think self-respecting women will dare to go up to the hill shrine,” he said.

“It is an age-old tradition and all are bound to respect it. If women are allowed in rush hours it will lead to many issues. Nobody can ensure their security. There are chances for immoral activities also,” Gopalakrishnan said.

The state government, which is in favour of the ban being nixed, chastised the board chief.  “I don’t know how he made such a foolish comparison. He insulted women and pilgrims alike. He should withdraw his statement and tender an apology,” said minister Surendran. Earlier, the Supreme Court on 13 october reffered the Sabarimala temple case to a constitution bench.

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