Man keeps tap on for a year; wasted 70 lakh litres of water

by International | 14-10-2017 | 263 views

In Germany, police had to make use of tear gas to take down a serial water-waster. Police were called to an apartment in a northern Germany town after the serial water-waster had left the taps in his sink, bathtub and toilet running for an entire year.

The act resulted in the wastage of 70 lakh litres of water. The revelation occurred when the 31-year-old’s landlord in Salzgittar, Lower Saxony received a huge water bill amounting to $12,700 (Rs 8.2 lakh approximately).

The average consumption of a resident of Salzgitter in a year comes down to around 44,000 litres and surely, 70 lakh litres is a figure hard to gulp down.

On Friday police arrived at the man’s apartment. The police heard loud noises coming from inside and they used a service key to unlock the door where they were confronted by the occupier, who started throwing punches, slightly injuring three of cops.

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