The Kerala Connection

by Blog | 16-10-2017 | 903 views

If there is two things that our humble state of Kerala is famous for its

1)            Our revenue from exporting cashews

2)            Our consumption of alcohol.

It is safe to say that we are leading on both accounts with respect to the other states in our nation. The Plantation Corporation of Kerala has decided to combine these two infamous characteristics of our state and is currently exploring the possibilities in deriving beverages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic from the cashew fruit. The kidney-shaped crispy, crunchy is actually the nut, the succulent cashew apple from where the nut is derived is mostly discarded as waste and the state government has launched a project to commercially exploit the pear-shaped, energy-rich cashew fruit by developing it into value added products.

A name that must have raised in some of your minds would be – Feni. For those who are not aware it is an alcoholic drink made from the same procedure but is exclusive to Goa. The state government aims to derive candies and wine as well. The raw material needed for this preparation is in plenty in the Northern districts of Kannur and Kasargod where approximately 10,000 tons of cashew apple ends up as waste in the Plantation Corporation farms alone. In the not so distant future we can witness ‘Breaking News’ and ‘Latest News in Kerala’ featuring about this process.

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