The Impending War

by Blog | 17-10-2017 | 669 views

Every day we hear news that we are closer to a Nuclear Holocaust than we were ever before. To those who are laughing at this needs to know that this isn’t a joke and the reality is in fact a World War 3 around the corner. The tensions between North Korea and the USA have become so dense you could cut them with a knife. While North Korea are actively testing out their ICLB Missiles, USA for the first time since 1970 has never issued an active Nuclear Threat to any other nation. It also needs to be said that the 2 people in power of these 2 nations are not the composed of the lot and in all reality is a ‘touch and go’. Several Nations and the UNO themselves tried to negotiate a peace treaty but is very stagnant considering one of the nations is not a part of any organization and the other literally controls these said organizations.

In all fairness if a war does break out and we wake up to ‘Breaking News’ both nations are at fault, all this fiasco could have been avoided if appropriate actions were taken initially or the concern that is being showcased now was done then. Not wanting to sound like a doomsayer but the range of missiles of both nations is well within Indian Territory.

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