Pinarayi Vijayan Lashes out at BJP

by Politics | 19-10-2017 | 447 views

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in a Facebook post came down heavily on the BJP leadership saying that “If the BJP president wants an ideological debate or one on developmental indices, the state is ready to take up the challenge. The fake and provocative campaign unleashed by union ministers and BJP chief ministers in Kerala is not only intended to disrupt peaceful life here, but is also a violation of the federal system.”

“At a time when the BJP has been unleashing a negative propaganda against Kerala, how BJP national president Amit Shah expects to have a debate unless he reins in such loose talk,” he further added. The BJP march with its provocative slogans and murderous rants were rejected by the people and He congratulated the police for ensuring law and order despite such moves to disrupt peace. Taking up Amit Shah’s challenge for developmental debate, Pinarayi urged him to clarify whether any of the BJP-ruled states matches Kerala in terms of development. Kerala has set itself as a model for the nation with the progressive stance taken by its masses. The state has a secular mindset while the BJP thrives on hate politics and communalism. Keralites have nothing to learn from the BJP or the RSS. That’s why people rejected the BJP march as a war-cry against the state and viewed it as mere absurdity.

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