Politics in College Campus

by Blog | 22-10-2017 | 1138 views

One can argue for and against this topic, but its always the same song. Those who have experienced a college life style with political background will heap praises on its merit while those who have not shared its light will argue against its functunalities.
I personally do not speak on eiter side of this debate. If your argument is that participating or being actively involved in politics builds you up as a person then I can suggest easier courses or hobbies that you can take up giving you the same result. On the other hand if you argue that colleges are a sanctuary for studies and there is no need for such distractions, then you are looking forward to a boring life ahead.
Everything in its right amounts is good, so a gun to my head and if I have to choose, i'll side with having politics in your cariculum. Learning about our state beyond what the media wants us to know is always advised, just ensure that you are not brain washed by senior activists into doing something under handed or corrupt for the sake of 'party'. The boiling blood of the youth are the easiest to manipulate and their never die spirit is but a meagre bonus

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