Father of missing three-year-old girl arrested

by International | 24-10-2017 | 598 views

Wesley Mathews, father of missing three-year-old adopted girl Sherin Mathews has been arrested a day after body of a small child was found in a culvert, less than a mile from the family's home.

Sherin who has developmental issues and limited verbal communication skills, was last seen outside her family's backyard in Richardson city in Texas on October 7 after her Indian-American father Wesley Mathews upbraided her and sent her alone outside late at night as punishment for not finishing her milk.

Wesley was arrested last evening and faces charges of injury to a child, Police Sgt. Kevin Perlich said. Wesley and his attorney voluntarily arrived at the Richardson police station and shared a different account of the girl’s disappearance than his original statement, Perlich said. “He proved an alternate series of events from what he had previously given us,” Perlich said.

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