Guruvayoor Temple chief priest welcomes the entry of non-Hindu devotees, says change needed now

by Kerala | 25-10-2017 | 293 views

Thrissur: The Guruvayoor Temple chief priest said that the government should make arrangements for non-Hindus devotees to be able to offer prayers without any hitch. This comes in tow of renowned singer Yesudas’ request to offer prayers in Trivandrum’s Shree Padmanabha Swamy Temple.

The Guruvayoor Shree Krishna Swami Temple has always taken a harsh stand towards non; Hindu devotees. This comment by the temple priest has however opened new avenues for change and discussion. The temple priest Chennas Dineshan Namboothirippadu added that some rituals need to changed in accordance with changing times. He said, “Non-Hindus offering prayers in temples shouldn’t be seen as a sin or breach of rituals”

State Minister for Devasom welcomed the initiative.  He said that the proposal is highly relevant in the current scenario.  Minister assured that the government will consider this proposal seriously.

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