Sherin Mathews death; adoptive mother denies any involvement

by International | 26-10-2017 | 439 views

Washington: The adoptive mother of the 3-year-old Indian girl, whose body was found on Sunday from a culvert near their home in suburban Dallas, Texas, has denied any involvement in the death of her daughter. Lawyers Michelle Nolte and Gregg Gibbs, representing Sini Mathews published a statement late yesterday saying she denied any involvement in the death of her adopted daughter.

In the statement, the lawyers insist that Mathews cooperated with the Richardson Police investigation into her daughter’s disappearance on 7th October. She was “interrogated for hours by several officers with no attorney present” a few days later, as per the statement.

Part of the Statement put forth by Mathews’ lawyers. Now that Mr Mathews has turned himself in to the police and told them what happened to Sherin, we see no need for Mrs Mathews to endure further police interrogation. She had nothing to do with Sherin’s death or the removal of her body from the home.

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